Why do teenage siblings fight? What to do as a parent in such a situation

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Teenagers are growing adults, the hormonal and emotional changes which are happening during the phase makes them more vulnerable to fights and agitation. If the siblings have large age gaps, then the older one may be mature enough to give up things for the younger ones. If the two are of the same age group, their wants and demands will be the same and tend to fight more often mostly for each and everything, especially if both are of the same sex.

The teenage siblings can give 101 ways to instigate a fight among them. There can be many reasons for siblings’ to fight. The siblings may fight to grabs their parents’ attention, just to pass time, tired, bored or if their wants or desires are not met by the other siblings. It is quite normal to see siblings fight. Siblings may not be able to handle the parent’s attention to other siblings. In situations when a sibling is being appreciated say for academics, sports activity or behavior, jealousy is common and the other sibling will not be able to handle it. Don’t be afraid that these childhood fights will impact their relationship in adulthood but this will turn out to be their sweet memories, but at the same time make sure interest each child is protected. Here is the guide for parents to avoid sibling rivalry and fights

  • Never do comparisons, this, of course, boosts the confidence of one child but your other child will be demotivated. 
  • Every child is unique and has its pros and cons. Your expectations should be different from each of your child.
  • Acknowledge your child’s angry feelings; it is a natural emotional response. When angry child, may lose self-control and may even result in physical fights. Sit down with the child and have a calm discussion explaining to him that getting angry is a normal phenomenon but getting physical is bad. Try to justify his anger saying even as adults we do get angry but over a period, we have learned self-control. 
  • You should always give your siblings a fair chance to resolve their issues. This strengthens their bonding and children learn a lot about the importance of the relationship. But do intervene when things are getting ugly
  • Fighting has its advantages, kids will learn to cooperate and compromise for each other.
  • Try to make the children tolerant towards each other by simply ignoring the teasing, agree with the teaser that you are right, and when things are not working out, seek the help of parents.
  • Make a family plan and set rules about the consequences of a fight. If there is a fight, then the kids will lose their snack, playtime or screen time, etc. 

Most parents will come into action when the kids fight, good behavior mostly goes unnoticed. Appreciate your child when they show strong bonding this encourages them to continue their good behavior.

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