Your teenager is planning a friends-only outstation trip – What to do as a parent

outstation trip

Teen-age is filled with high energy levels, increased confidence and interest to explore the whole world. Parents should encourage and appreciate the teenager to go out and try to be independent (but in limits). Schools arrange picnic trips which can be excursions or educational purposes. Do proper counseling of the child before they start for the outstation trip. Here are the things that a parent should do when the teenager is planning to go out on a trip

Clothes: Depending upon the number of days of travel and stay, pack your child’s favorite clothes and an extra pair for emergencies. Do not forget to include towels and napkins. Add a laundry bag in the baggage to keep the used clothes inside. The selected clothes should be comfortable and should be matched with the destination’s weather condition (neither too hot nor too cold).

Bedsheets: Maybe the lodge or guest house will provide the bedsheets, but it is always a good idea to carry your own set of bed sheets. Pack 2-bed sheets along with pillow covers.

Footwear: Ofcourse footwear is equally important and needs to be packed as well. Pack one extra pair of shoes and the proportionate number of socks.

Toiletries: Yourbackpack should also include necessities such astoothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, comb, hair oil, sanitary pads for girls, etc. Keep these articles separately for easy access.

Make the child’s journey more lively b packing some healthy snacks to munch on the way.

Most importantly pack some OTC medicines such as paracetamol for fever, aches, and pain and include some bandages for minor cuts and burns. Include a mosquito repellant as bites can result in serious diseases.

Food: Whenever we go to a new place, we try to taste the local food, try to buy the food from a hygienic food stall. This fills your appetite and also gives you the local taste as well.

Interaction with strangers: Although your child is old enough to take care of oneself, still he should be alert and should go by instincts to identify potential threats

Communication: Instruct your child to be in constant touch with you give regular updates about the places visited, the upcoming task and any important thing which a parent should know.

Have an open discussion with your young adult about alcohol, drug, and sex. Describe the harmful effects it can have on physical and mental growth. When they are left alone in an outstation trip, the child may fall to these attractions; hence an open discussion will also provide you information about the child’s thoughts on these topics. Mention the child’s details, name, class, and phone number on the bag to avoid bag misplacement and also for easy identification. Add a diary in the child’s bag containing the address and mobile number of parents and relatives who are to be contacted in case of emergencies. Let the child go energized with full positive vibes and return happily with lots of memories.


Written by Renu Goyal

A Child Psychologist, founder of KIDicious – Learning Differently, a child psychological therapy clinic based in Delhi. Have written various articles relating to Child Psychology in magazines like Meri Saheli, Responsible parenting, Psyinsight etc. Presented many papers in national and international conferences.

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