CANCER was only a Chapter in my LIFE, NOT the whole STORY!


I was always the skinny kid. Always told to “eat more, you need to gain weight etc.” It never bothered me ever though. It was November 2008 and I was falling ill more than ever. I was paler and thinner. And all these remarks grew more than ever. I was having discontinuous fever for more than 6 months and had a terrible pain in my legs that made me cry at nights. My parents began to worry even more. My family doctor advised a few tests and there it was the big truth behind all my suffering – CANCER. I was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

My family was shattered into pieces, but little did I know what was going on. I was just told its some blood infection and I need to take off from school for 2 months. I was an optimistic kid and took my illness positively. Days passed. Hospital, painful tests, chemotherapy became my life. And one day someone told me “you have pretty hair, but you will start losing them soon…” and it hit me. I was devastated. I started crying and told my mom “I don’t want be treated anymore, I can’t lose my hair”. She comforted me and explained me “my hair is not greater than my life”.

I came to know about my illness through a newspaper advertisement where a kid needed money for his treatment and along with my disease name was written cancer in big bold letters. I never said anything to my parents and accepted my illness. I have seen my parents crying behind my back and acted like the strongest people in front of me. So, I decided I am going to be strong for them and fight cancer like a true warrior.

But then something happened and for the first time I lost all the courage. A blood clot went to my brain and paralyzed half of my body twice. But there was no turning back I had to win this battle. I didn’t let any of this break me. My doctor used to call me a true soldier.

In February 2010, I was all set to go back to my school. But cancer doesn’t just end with the end of the treatment. Some scars are left behind. I had these short hairs, chipmunk face and some scars on my body. I saw students – who used to be my friends talk behind my back. But in a few days, everything got normal. I gave my final exams and passed 5th standard with flying colors. With my parents and friends support, my doctors’ hard work and my determination proved everyone that they were wrong, and I have fought back Cancer. Finally, I was cancer free in December 2011.

I am writing this journey of mine because we all are going to face hardships in life. They can come in any form be it cancer, loss of a loved one, failure, heartbreak but we always need to remember that “to see the rainbow we need to pass through the storm“. So, anyone who is reading this – just remember:

It’s just a bad day my friend, not a bad life!!!”


Written by Sanya Goel


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