Do parents really live their unfulfilled dreams through their children?


Every adult has gone through the childhood phase with many aims and aspirations. The childhood of individual will have own share of the good and the bad. Parents do their best for their kids and still, there will be some corners which as a child was not fulfilled, we will think to fill that void for our children. Many parents tend to have a picture of a child in their imaginations achieving their failed dreams.

Parents will try their best for children to achieve the things which they could not do because of their then situation. They will put lots of effort mental, physical and financial to achieve their dreams through children. It is equally important to consider the child’s interest, a forceful commitment to getting your ambition fulfilled will have a bad impact on the child. The child may feel insecure about his ambitions, feelings, and expression. A forceful compulsion to fulfill a parent’s dreams will affect a child’s physical and mental well-being and it can even result in straining of relationship. Once the damage is done it will be difficult to restore and it would leave scars on the child’s mind. A child will be dependent on the parents for everything and a good support system can help your child get a high ladder of success which even the parents might not have imagined.

According to a study conducted on a group of parents who has at least one child aged between 8 and 15; show that parents see their child as their extensions. Many parents do not find their children as individuals with their aims and aspirations, rather than their extensions who can fulfill their dreams. In the study, one set of parents were asked to write about their unfulfilled dreams and the other set were asked to write unfulfilled dreams of family members and friends. Parent’s groups with unfulfilled dreams were more likely to push their children to achieve their dreams. Pushy parents are one of the reasons for a child’s failure.

It is not bad to get your ambitions fulfilled through your child but it is equally important to understand the child’s acceptance for your dreams. A child’s success will give parents a sense of achievement and fulfillment of their dreams. A parent who thinks the child is an extension of oneself then they can try hard as the child’s interest and the parent’s interest is the same. Nurture your child to be a good decision maker with proper reasoning. The kids are individual human beings who need to be taken care of with fresh positive energy.

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