A Heaven’s Cry

boy watching stars
boy watching stars

I showed you the star, didn’t I?

Dad showed you the Orion, do u remember?

And what did he say?
The Orion i.e kalpurush knows everything we do.

So, he knows what you think, you think of your dad always.Really mom, can he read me?
Yes, the kalpurush can read your mind.But can stars think? Those are non-living entities, aren’t they? … and you said pop had become a star.

Right, yes stars are nothing but made of hydrogen, helium etc. But they emit light. And light is everything, light is life dear!

So, when I say your dad is a star now, I mean to say that your father is now a beam of light which will illuminate your path.
How Mom?

Well, you started studying in this evening but suddenly stopped and started thinking of your pop.
Yes, had he been here…but how do you know?

I know, dear. Well, but he is not here, Then…? Why didn’t you come to me…well, you thought I would have shouted…didn’t you?
Ya…dad always had that beautiful smile. Nothing was a problem for him.

My boy…Are you crying mom?

No… why on Earth I’ll be crying? Your father asked me to smile…always smile.
Did he?

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