Emotional Stability in Children: A Fount to a Healthy Life

emotional stability
emotional stability

Presently, no doubt, human race has proved oneself on various platforms marvelously. But it’s clearly proven that there is no end to this chain of proving and attaining. With each passing day and with each success story, the human desires shoot up.

Since the very beginning of our life we see people talking about a glorious life; which is totally defined by success, achievements, luxuries etc. We are always taught to secure a successful life. Lessons are passed by one generation to another – rules to achieve success are delivered, mantras to cherish beautiful life are transferred, the unfulfilled dreams of our lives are passed to our off-springs;  lessons and courses are delivered by institutions to achieve bright and successful future. In the meantime the prominent point is always sidelined – Who will talk about the dark side! We often forget to deliver the most eminent precept to our future generations.

I wonder if we ever tried to raise certain thoughts regarding failures in our young one’s mind. Do we ever try to help them to confront the darker side of life?

We always discuss about intellectual growth, physical growth, and financial development but have we ever thought about their emotional growth! Yes, while moving forward in life and confronting various failures, no matter what kind of failure it is, there comes the question of emotional stability. The more emotionally stable we are the more chances we have to surpass all the setbacks of life.

Our emotions play quite a prominent role in guiding and directing our behavior. Many times they seem to dominate us in such a way that we have no solution other than behaving as they want us to. On the other hand, if a person has no emotions in him then it becomes quite difficult to have a normal life. In this way emotions play a key role in providing a particular direction to our behavior and shaping our personality.

Though the fast track of human life is showing various flying colors to many of us in various modes but simultaneously it is creating enormous voids for us in the social and emotional dimensions.

Our busy schedules, never-ending checklist, perpetual desires – aptly explains the above statement. We all are always so much involved in all these that we have created an invisible and unbreakable border line in between oneself and our social life. Yes, of course, it is not wrong to say this way as now our social life has also turned virtual. We have virtual friends, virtual gaming platforms and the worst part is, most of us do really enjoy all this. And by the time we actually realize this major issue, which we have enjoyed for a long period, it is quite late.

In this virtual world we hardly know the ways to balance our emotional life. The outer shell of life which appears to be glittering, in actual fact, is a pit of darkness most of the times. In the present scenario we come across various such cases wherein people either are struggling to surpass their issues or are trying to hide them from others. But the essential point is – Why do we need to hide it! In the surrounding full of acquaintances we hardly have people who are actually concerned for us. And when the darkness of life initiates to swallow our thoughts, there is no one to ask us:

“Where do you put your thoughts when they are too heavy to hold?
And when silence echo in your head like drumbeats, do you let them hit the high notes!
And how far do you carry your wounds when there is nowhere left to go!
Where do you store all your sadness when It’s all covered in mold?
Do you wager darkness upon your heart or is it already sold?”

At this stage, the question of emotional stability arises. To outshine the worst situations of life we need to develop not just the intelligence quotient but also our emotional quotient. We should work upon making ourselves and our young ones not just intellectually but also mentally and emotionally stable too. People should be taught not just to enjoy and achieve the heights in life but also to confront the adverse situations positively at the tender age itself. So that, they can develop oneself, into a healthy individual who knows, how to transcend the detrimental situations of life.

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