Making a Career Decision


Career is the foundation of our lives. It forms the basis of our identity, societal roles and responsibilities.

We all strive to gain that identity and recognition throughout our lives. Our career decides our financial stability, household budget, resource allocation and our savings. Basically, how smoothly we can lead our life is dependent heavily on the career choices that we make.

Therefore, our career choices should be stimulating and boosting not just our finances but also our psychological and physical well-being.

There are hundreds and thousands of career choices these days, and it sometimes becomes difficult for an individual to select which career option will be the best suited for him/her. This question keeps popping up in the mind every now and then.

So, what’s the answer to it? Ever thought of? Let’s discuss some of the ways an individual can decide while making a career decision:

  1. Delve deep into your interests: When a person knows his/her preferences, then he/she can take all the challenges in their stride readily and enthusiastically. This makes the way for better output and performance.
  2. Analyze where your aptitude lies: Refer a Career and Vocational Counselor who will be instrumental in picking up the best career choice for the person looking for guidance. They will administer various psychological tests to know the aptitude of the person and help their clients to opt for the right decision. As aptitude for a subject makes the learning and grasping of its technicalities naturally easier.
  3. Chart out the future outcomes: Formulate a design or a research plan in which your investments and returns are considered. For instance, if someone wants to take up Chartered Accountancy as a profession then how much input in terms of time, money will be utilized and how much output can one gain must be pondered upon for the career to be successful.
  4. Reflect on your present and plan for where you want to be: Strategies that are required to be applied to achieve one’s goal, time duration to complete a task or course must be focused upon.

Whichever career you may choose, search and research about the area of specialization before coming to any conclusion. Never make up your mind on just one career option. 

Open the doors for all the old and upcoming opportunities as one may explore the unexplored and the hidden strength and talent.


Written by Hansa Parashar

A Psychology Teacher in a reputed school in Delhi possessing Masters degree in Psychology (Organizational Behavior) and MBA (HR). Have more than 3 years of experience in teaching.

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