Your Child’s Nine Intelligences


A model, a cricketer, an author, a singer, a dancer, an astronaut, and majorly a teacher. These could be some of the examples when you ask your child “What you want to become when you grow up?”

Sometimes the responses you get may be influenced by someone but most of the times, it says more about his/her type of “Multiple Intelligences”. So, now the question arises “What are these multiple intelligences?” Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University coined the theory of Multiple Intelligence in 1983 in his book “Frames of Mind”. This theory helps educators, parenting experts and psychologists to get better understanding of how children process information and learn.

According to the theory, the brain has 9 intelligences. Some people are brilliant in language, whereas others are in mathematics. In earlier times, people thought that children who are not good in academics have low IQ, but in fact children who are not good in academics can be good at music, or arts, or some other areas. So, as per the theory of Multiple Intelligences, all pupil has all types of the 9 intelligences. But many people develop only 1 or 2. Yet, everyone can develop all these intelligences if he/she exposes to right sort of activities.


Written by Renu Goyal

A Child Psychologist, founder of KIDicious – Learning Differently, a child psychological therapy clinic based in Delhi. Have written various articles relating to Child Psychology in magazines like Meri Saheli, Responsible parenting, Psyinsight etc. Presented many papers in national and international conferences.


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