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The doctor finished the check-up of his patients. He went back to his chamber. It was on the first floor of the nursing home. One nurse was waiting for him there.

Well nurse, what precautionary measures you have taken for him… I mean for all of them… well I mentioned him first for you, also know his chances are… less?

Sir, the windows will remain shut and I think you already have a talk with the police.

Yes… but the sound… 2nd floor is full of heart patients… well, what kind of joy they get from those thunderous sound?

Sir, it’s Diwali… you can’t stop anybody.

Yes, yes, I know… unless people become aware… what can you say to these teenagers and youngsters… my elder brother yesterday purchased crackers worth three thousand rupees… disgusting!

It was late afternoon. The October sun has started spreading the orange glow on Earth. At the corner of the 2nd floor in a single cabin, an octogenarian who was a famous teacher at his time was admitted two days back because of a heart attack. Our doctor was worried for him.

And Diwali celebration in our country with thunderous sound of crackers…so dangerous for a heart patient.

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