Pleasures of Kids in Family and Togetherness

Pleasures of Kids in Family and Togetherness » Parenting Recipes

With the prevalence of nuclear family in the present times, kids are so much in isolation in their own world, not very enthusiastic about sharing their nitty-gritty and their things with anybody apart from their own family members.

But isn’t it important and makes a difference when we come together with our kids along with our extended home members?

Did it happen when we met our lifelines – our first family after a lapse of almost a year, what joy, happiness and ecstasy ran down our nerves? Kids, from a stagnant state of life, flew and rushed to hug and mingle along with their aged ones, and hopped into a circle loop.

We were happy to see our mid-aged faces, a sparkle outshone our faces, and within a fraction of time, our favorite lady babbling started off.

The elders too looked at each other breathing a sigh of relief, the warmth and relaxation in their eyes was beyond imagination.

In a short momentum, the play area was all scattered and occupied with indoor and outdoor games, the buzzing sound, shrills and shouts could be heard all around. The cook, who had nothing more than idleness all these days, looked geared-charged and running short of time, as everybody were tapping on his head with varied foodie orders.

Kids gonged the plates for pastas and burgers, some wanted Chinese, elders looking forward to having Staple Indian food with Dal and Chapatis.

The cook rushed to market for shopping veggies, came back home in the quickest of time and started preparing different cuisines, and ran to-and-fro from kitchen to dining, placing the delicacies on the table.


Written by Preeti Jalan

A Homemaker and have remained as an active member in Social organization OF LC INDIA.

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