5 effective ways to instill time management in kids

5 effective ways to instill time management in kids » Parenting Recipes

It’s a daily morning story of most of the homes where parents will be after their children asking them to get up and complete their daily chores and get ready for school or college.

Time management is an essential skill that a child should learn from an early age so that the habit continues later in life. Proper time management skills will make you successful in all your endeavors. Here is a guide for all the parents to help their child in managing their time.

  1. Make a timetable: Perhaps, this is the easiest task in the list, but very important. Make a timetable as per the child’s need, including all the activities such as wake-up time, bathing, breakfast, time to go to school, playtime, homework, TV, dinner, etc. The allotted time should give the child sufficient duration to complete the task. It should be as per requirement, not so long to make the child lazy, not too short that the child has to struggle to complete the task. The timetable should be pasted on a visible part of the bedroom or living room and should give constant reminders. Make the timetable attractive using colors, or by using your arts and crafts skills
  2. Stick to the timetable: This is the toughest task. The child should be able to follow the timetable and do all the activities as per the defined schedule. Starting days might be tough for both parents and the children but once the system is set right, it will be a cake-walk for all the family members.
  3. Tick the clock: When the child is on a task just make a small friendly announcement about the time left to complete the task. The activity allows the child to understand the time required to complete the task and the importance of each minute to achieve the goal. A timer, verbal countdown, hourglass, etc can be used to indicate time. Follow the schedule strictly and jump on to the next task as per the clock, just sticking to the same activity just to complete it or because the child is engrossed in it will again lead to mismanagement of time and the child may start making excuses. The schedule is to be followed strictly.
  4. Help Child complete the task: Aim of making a time table and following it, is to develop punctuality and sense of responsibility in children, hence it is important to encourage the child to complete the task on time. There will be times where the child may show tantrums, be patient and help the child to complete the task. The assigned task should be age-appropriate and should not be an overburden to them. Habitation to follow the time table is important.
  5. Appreciate: Everybody loves being appreciated and applauded, so are the children. Applaud the child when he succeeds in meeting the daily goals. This adds positive energy and develops enthusiasm to continue achieving the goals. Consider giving them rewards depending upon the child’s interest and age maybe chocolates, toys, movie nights, etc. 

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