Does your child hits another child? Teaching Self-motivation & Self-regulation


It is common to see children playing together and also fighting. It is an evitable part of children’s life to fight and play. The hitting can be because of a toy or unwillingness of the other child to play. The anger of rejection comes in the form of hitting. It will be an embarrassment for the parents to see the child beating another child. Don’t rush to punish or scold your child. The parents need to control their emotional state before trying to control the situation.

First, check the wellness of the other child and console him, then look at your child and try to control his emotions. You can peacefully say to your child, hitting is not good, say sorry, check if he is okay, etc. Ask your child to express anger, what triggered him to react so and what could have been a better resolution. Don’t give a bad or negative name to your child which imprints in his mind and the child continues to behave so in all public gatherings. A positive image develops a positive attitude. Your child may require numerous counseling sessions to behave well, be patient and discipline him in the most manageable way.

Child discipline should be introduced as early as possible to allow self-regulation. Parents should prepare a timetable, explain the scheduling and ask them to complete the tasks in assigned periods. Explain the child the consequences of not following the time table. E.g.: If you don’t complete your homework in the given time slot then your other activity time will be hindered and moreover teacher will get angry at you. The assigned task should be age-appropriate and the child should be able to do it. Few parents to discipline create harder tasks which a child will not be able to complete. The easy the task, the child will have interest and enthusiasm t do and get into good books. Retain the child’s interest and enthusiasm. Teach problem-solving skills at each stage and help them to overcome difficulties.

Self-regulation allows kids to manage their emotions, behavior and body movement. Parents need to teach children how to regulate emotions and anger. The child learns to manage emotions and stay focused on the task. Self-regulation teaches kids to maintain their emotions if they are upset over a particular situation. They manage to change their requirements as per the situation.

Develop a positive attitude even in the worst situation!

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