Step-up Reading

step up reading

Reading is an art,

It’s a skill

If it becomes your will

It can be a real thrill.

It is a Power

It is an Empowerment

Give this gift to your child

And in return he would be more human in this wild.

Reading is a process and an outcome of learning with patience. It involves investing time in identifying the letters which then take the form of words, sentences and so on. Reading can be understood as a technique or a tool which can transform an illiterate person into a literate one. This craft makes us humanoids different from others and hence more civilized. It is a boon to the society and human kind at large.

Wistfully, this incomparable and invaluable blessing is getting diminished with each passing generation.


Written by Hansa Parashar

A Psychology Teacher in a reputed school in Delhi possessing Masters degree in Psychology (Organizational Behavior) and MBA (HR). Have more than 3 years of experience in teaching.

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