Physical Activity Keeps Kids Healthy


These days as the kids are having a sedentary lifestyle, the willingness to explore the outside world is also declining. The kids are happy in playing video games, and can spend hours and hours in front of the same screen.

The first reason for this is learning though observation. The parents also possess those jobs which involve use of laptops, computers and mobile phones have become our lifelines unfortunately. Hence, their children imitate this behavior and see it as a convenient option for relaxation.

The second reason is that the parents are so busy in dealing with their life pressures that they are unable to provide sufficient time to their kids to understand and enhance their well-being. Therefore, they offer their kids cellphones, or laptops to play from a very young age wherein the parents cope with the stress they are suffering from. According to them, technology can be the best alternative to divert their children’s mind but often forget the harmful effects of minimal physical activity on the bodies of their children.

Absence or inadequate physical activity can lead to various health issues such as obesity or becoming overweight, high blood pressure, excessive tiredness which can result in lethargy etc.

If physical activity is incorporated in the everyday routine as a fitness regime then will accelerate the effectiveness and efficiency of the child in many ways.


Written by Hansa Parashar

A Psychology Teacher in a reputed school in Delhi possessing Masters degree in Psychology (Organizational Behavior) and MBA (HR). Have more than 3 years of experience in teaching.

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