Importance of Book Reading


The significance of Book reading can be of vital significance, from the toddler to their growing stage, whatever the parents tune in, it subconsciously starts getting into the child’s brain, the old grandmothers stories with morals, how much we loved listening to them during our bedtime, as infants we did not understand much, but waited every night for the story to be recited and then would go off to sleep with a happy feeling, awaiting every night for another story and we imbibed good habit of story listening with good lessons rather than being on gadgets devices.

Infants and toddlers love every such recitation, not just the bed time stories, but also their day to day activity when related in with a story form eases the task of Mothers and the subconscious mind of kids starts feeding with knowledgeable and good things.

When we feed infants, we use various techniques so that they eat their meal, like counting numbers, or telling them that they will become super kids if they eat, every such narrations leave them with a positive note in their mind and they learn the rhythm of numbers, the word super, which is going to its mind frequently, is uplifting to their brain at any age whenever they relate to it.

As they grow and begin understanding thing, we can start reading out to them little things like when we are at the traffic lights, in a fun way we can tell them about it, like

green lights green lights…Ready to go
yellow lights yellow lights…Take a pause
Red light Red Light…Stop Stop Stop

This sounds entertaining to them, and something which in a fun and enjoying way stays in their mind for a longer time.

Such endeavor from our end inculcate and keeps the child in the loop and habit of reading in any form.

There onwards they can be handed over short story book, comic books, small knowledgeable books which are apt their age, not just the book to be handed over but our involvement is a must, like asking them what was the story all about, what kind of new words have they learned, what knowledge have they procured from it, such effort will not leave them with a chance to avoid the book as they are aware of Parents eye.

Reading book goes a long way at any and every age, with the vast expansion of our knowledge, the deeper we go the more we delve into it.


Written by Preeti Jalan

A Homemaker and have remained as an active member in Social organization OF LC INDIA.

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