What is Gratitude for kids? How to teach thankfulness to kids using Gratitude


Gratitude is an important element to teach children to be thankful for things we are gifted with. Having food, clothes house and a loving family is a great thing and many children will not be privileged to have it. Gratitude develops a feeling of thankfulness and children tend to be happier.

Gratitude is a feeling of accomplishment. Kids will be happy to receive gifts and a thank you feeling will make them feel good and develop a good social environment. Gratitude develops confidence to do well and they feel supported. A child shows the gesture of gratitude for people who have helped them achieve their chosen objective and they will develop generosity. It helps in developing self-discipline.

Teach thankfulness to kids using Gratitude in these simple ways

  • Cultivate the habit of saying please and thank you
  • Be a helping hand for the needy
  • Send thank you cards
  • Envy or jealousy is common in children. A child should be asked to focus on things which he has and appreciate the same.
  • Cultivate the habit of giving and sharing. Ask your child to put things in a gratitude jar whenever he feels grateful
  • Make the habit of enjoying every bit of life. Let him be thankful for small things and express gratitude
  • Complement each other for good deeds
  • Let the child cultivate the habit of seeing the brighter side, rather than complaining.

Once the child expresses gratitude, let him analyze the various facts which has made his life even happier for being happy and content. This gives a positive outlook for the life and the whole family atmosphere.

A family gratitude list will be very encouraging and whenever any member feels grateful then they can add it on the list. Put this list in easily accessible and visible part. Conveying gratefulness will develop a sense of happiness for both the parties. Make the child write a letter to express gratitude. Lastly, when you are about to rest, have a small chat with the child what made him thankful for that day and express gratitude.


Written by Renu Goyal

A Child Psychologist, founder of KIDicious – Learning Differently, a child psychological therapy clinic based in Delhi. Have written various articles relating to Child Psychology in magazines like Meri Saheli, Responsible parenting, Psyinsight etc. Presented many papers in national and international conferences.


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