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It is a controversial question to answer, “whether internet is boon or bane”. Anything in excess is always harmful and so is the internet. Of course internet is a boon provided there are limitations to its usage.

Advantages of internet for children

Internet can be helpful to children in many ways by helping to complete their projects, understanding their study topic, take online educational tests or just simply browse subject related matters. The computers game when played within permissible limits can help in improving the attention and concentration, coordination, problem-solving, multitasking skills, etc.

Disadvantages of internet for children

Children who spend more than 4 hours glued to computers, laptop or smartphones are prone to develop mental illness leading to emotional distress, loneliness, depression, anxiety, etc. The lust to play games distracts him from doing any work whether it is studying or daily household chores. The sedentary lifestyle puts on weight gain and can lead to health risks in future life.  The chatting and dating apps are the worst time wasters distracting students. The glitz and glamour of online posts makes them to visit the website again and again to see the likes and comments. Also, the invaders can keep an eye on the child’s movements and can harm him.

How to safely use the internet

Internet is a vast world where children can find useful and harmful information too. A child should be educated to differentiate between good and bad. Here are few tips for healthy usage of internet

  • Set time limit for usage of internet
  • Discuss with your child about things happening on internet, let them be your teachers and guiders. This will give quality time, know the things your child is browsing and lastly develops strong bonding.            
  • Free parental control software tools help in monitoring child’s activity, control time, prevent visiting malicious sites, etc. Install these and monitor your child’s activity regularly
  • Discuss with your child about online chatting and habits which have real-life consequences, leading to invasion of privacy, security threats and cyber-bullying
  • Children should be asked never to share personal information such as name, age, address or any information which gives their whereabouts. The child should not share passwords with any of the online friends ad should not never put any card details.

Modern day life cannot be imagined without the use of internet. The children should be allowed to use internet to be updated with the latest happening but in limitations which should not adversely impact their social, physical and emotional development.

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