10 Best Games to play with your one-year-old


It is fun to play with your young gentleman. The giggle and happiness of the child while playing will bring satisfaction and eases hardships to the parent. Playing can be fun and also help in developing important skills. A growing infant will be curious to develop their learning skills which eventually help in overall growth and development. Small activities can have a great impact on motor and emotional development. A one year will be typically walking or trying to walk, hence you can involve in activities of moving from one room to another. Here we present you 10 best games to play with your one-year-old

  1. Hide the favorite Toy: Take his favorite toy and hide it in another room. Let the child go and get the toy. This will sharpen his imagination and language skills
  2. Building Blocks: Another important game to play with your toddlers that help in increasing creativity, handling, and imaginations. A child will learn about different colors and shapes. The child spends quite good time busy building blocks. Note: Children have the habit of putting everything in the mouth, so be careful.
  3. Rhymes and Fun: Children love to hear rhymes and react in happiness to the actions. Sing simple rhymes for them and clap. This helps in improving motor functions.
  4. Rattler set: These noisy toys can help your child develop listening and co-ordination skills.
  5. Hide and Seek: This fun game brings lots of happiness and creativity in the child. The child tends to follow the same place to hide as the other players. Hide in the same surroundings as the child and give him constant hints about the whereabouts. The child improves language and imagination skills.
  6. Dummy telephones: Have two sets of toy phones to communicate with each other. Make a dummy call to the child and have a funny conversation, make noises and crack jokes. This helps the child develop language skills.
  7. Playing house: Try a daily routine with your child’s favorite toy. Talk with the toy about the activities such as eating fruits, drinking milk, putting the bib, etc., create happy and sad moments while doing the activity. This helps the child to think about emotions
  8. Catch me if you can: The kids love not to get caught. Play this simple chase game, which will enable him to develop motor and coordination skills. 
  9. Dance: Energy filled music creates a lively environment and dancing with your child can add more excitement. Your child’s little moves help in improving the stamina and of course, make him a copy cat.
  10. Push and pull game: This game is helpful when your child is ready to walk. Add the child’s favorite items in a chair and gently pull the chair towards you. The child will push the same to chase the toys. This simple pull and push game help improve motor development skills.

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