Child’s Growth & Development Stages

A Few important factors that contribute towards a child’s growth and development


The Physical and mental growth of a child starts much before birth in a mother’s womb. Depending on how the mother has spent the entire process of pregnancy, appropriate nutrients, supplements, healthy, positive and stress-free atmosphere will play a major role in the child’s birth, growth and evolution. According to experts, 90% of the brain development happens by first 5 years, continuing to adolescence and adulthood. These are the crucial years for a strong foundation.

Appropriate nurture and care of the child’s physical and mental health is of prime importance. The molding of child will majorly depend on how healthy the family and surrounding atmosphere is. The positive and healthy vibes will nurture him/her healthy. Though, the negative ones existing in the society cannot be ignored, but the child can certainly be nurtured and engaged to form a better mind frame.

Children are like a blank page with immense variety of hidden potentials. However, they can follow the correct path and form an appropriate shape if guided correctly. There are different pre-nursery schools and high schools where the education can be procured. These offer a wide array of knowledgeable sources, making it exciting, colorful and fun loving for kids.

The limitations of knowledge are not only confined to the activities they perform, or classes they go into, or the school, but with right guidance and skills enhancement practices, the children can gain a lot of things. This will help accelerate their physical and mental growth.


Written by Preeti Jalan

A Homemaker and have remained as an active member in Social organization OF LC INDIA.

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