Basics of Brain


“BRAIN” looks more like a walnut – what’s there in it?

For beginners, the brain is divided into two parts – left and right hemisphere. and has four lobes having different functions.

Let’s first talk about what the lobes responsible for:

Parietal lobe is located at upper rear part of the brain and is responsible for spatial awareness and different aspects of perception.

Temporal lobe is responsible for memory and communication including language. It is located beneath the parietal lobe.

Frontal lobe governs higher and more complex type of brain activity. It is the “command and control” center of the brain and located at the front of the brain.

Occipital lobe which is located at the rear of the brain handle vital information from eyes and optic nerves.

In addition to the responsibilities of different lobes, the brain’s left and right hemispheres split brain function between them. Obviously, a vast number of interconnections enables them to cooperate whenever required.

There are people who write and does work dominantly from their right hand and some people do the same activities by their left hand. Language and communication are usually handled by the dominant hemisphere. The dominant hemisphere performs functions and controls reading, writing, calculations, and the brain’s perception of the position of the body and limbs at any moment.


Written by Renu Goyal

A Child Psychologist, founder of KIDicious – Learning Differently, a child psychological therapy clinic based in Delhi. Have written various articles relating to Child Psychology in magazines like Meri Saheli, Responsible parenting, Psyinsight etc. Presented many papers in national and international conferences.

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