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mobile addiction

It was once said that if humans have the control over technology it would prove to be a boon for the humankind but if technology overpowers homo-sapiens then it would dominate the human brain-our emotions, reactions, decision making, motor activity etc.

This could act as devastating for the human civilization rather catastrophic.

We are in the same transitional process wherein we are becoming the puppets in the hands of technology.

We invented mobile phones, digital watches, computers or any other type of machinery in order to enhance the comfort zones in our lives so that we could make our daily chores more convenient, to enjoy some leisure time of our lives.

Instead we are getting addicted to this technology and are unable to liberate ourselves from the chains of despair.

A prolonged behavioral pattern which involves dependency on a source of desire, marked interference in the one’s daily functioning (cognitive, emotional etc.) increase in tolerance of the utility of the source and withdrawal from the society can be defined as addiction.

Herein, the addiction or over usage of mobile phones will be pondered upon.

Today, people of almost every age group that is from infancy to old age are inclined to rush for their mobile phones in just a spurt of the moment. From the trivial aspects of day to the most mind-boggling decisions are realized on a mobile phone. For instance, from setting up the alarm on the phone to creating important notes to texting a meaningful message mobile phones have been insinuated with all the responsibilities.

Our bright day can be felt as dark if we misplace our mobile phones. Basically, they have become an inseparable part of our lives which are now curbing or limiting our creativity, spontaneity and even patience as we have the weapon of mobile phones available all day long in our service.

Or are we the ones who have transformed ourselves to be slaves of mobile phones which we own? That’s the irony.


Written by Hansa Parashar

A Psychology Teacher in a reputed school in Delhi possessing Masters degree in Psychology (Organizational Behavior) and MBA (HR). Have more than 3 years of experience in teaching.

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