DENGUE – Story of a happy-to-go boy!!!

With a broken voice he asked – Yes, Rajib what brings u here?

This lady wants to meet Pritam 

Who…oh u Fatema from pyarabagan…aren’t you?

Yes sir…

Well Pritam has gone to a distant land Fatema…sorry you can’t see him anymore.

Saying this he shut the door.

Something’s wrong? Fatema said.

I was shocked. What happened to this gentleman? He never behaved in that way before!

Ok Fatema didi let’s get back.

Just outside the gate we met our Principal and the class teacher.

Sir, you here…?

O Rajib…what a terrible news. After You and Fatema left school, we got it from a journalist friend of Mr. Ghose… u know Pritam’s father.

Two days back, Pritam left us, left us forever. Dengue got him.

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